Watching Breaking Bad (feat. Tami Latrell)

Watching Breaking, watching Breaking Bad
Watching Breaking, watching Breaking Bad
Became a street millionaire, my girl had to pay the price
Got mad cause I wrec

Don\'t Shoot

Come on
I know the governments working
You ain\'t never seen them in person
Do you really think that you\'re the only person
that sees the sites that you\'re s

Keep Drivin

[Verse 1]
Who are you to have any clout, or have any doubt about my potential?
You ain\'t working for the police, you\'ll never get to check my credentials

Cloud 9

CAnnotateoming down clean, like I\'m coasting on cloud nine
Cloud nine, I ride so clean
Hol\' up, some people don\'t like me, must be cause I\'m riding so clea

Reign Fall

They just wanna see me reign fall in
All the fallen soldiers, love y\'all man, miss y\'all
But we can\'t look back, we gotta look here
They just wanna see me re


Oooh, that\'s right
Oooh, that\'s right
Ain\'t no captain saving, can\'t save \'em, so no need to be playa hating
Oooh, that\'s right
[Verse 1:]
So many cars,

slow Loud & Bangin

Slow loud and bangin’
I turn my speakers up
And then I just start swanging
Sometimes I get behind the wheel
Then I start to steer
Don’t know where I’


Ain’t do this overnight
State chase and pavements
Hard times done changed in
I can’t be slaving now
Ain’t do this overnight
I know you’re thinking

I’m Reloaded

[ti:I\'m Reloaded]
[ar:Chamillionaire]We cannot think of being acceptable to others
Untill we have first proven acceptable to ourselves(Chamillionaire:)
Real re

Sittin On Chrome

Rainin again
Big pimpin, big pimpin
Ima be in the car though
You know I\'m sittin on
Sittin on chrome
Bangin screw I\'m bout to get into my zone

Land of the Slowed

They try\'na say something bout\'cha boy singing, but they ain\'t never goin understand
We been parking lot pimpin since 98\', knahtalkinbout?
I call it

Good Morning

I wanna show all my haters love
This song for you
If you acting like me and I was in your shoes
I\'d probably hate on me too
See when you gettin big c

The Final Chapter

[applause][Intro - Chamillionaire - talking](Rapid), here lizard, lizard, lizard(Ric),
Mixtape Messiah man, it\'s the final chapter
It\'s the fin


[gunshot][Intro - Chamillionaire - talking](In the corridor), ya see that?(On the wall), over there in the corner?(Underneath the staircase), that\'s the

Internet Thugs Attack

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck gettin dirty and grittyI\'ve been down, isn\'t it a pity?
Doesn\'t seem to be a shadow in the city
All around, peo

100 million

Haha, a wise man once told me keep me your friends close and keep your enemies closer
And he only got close enough to tell me that because, well he was a enemy

Best she ever Had

Songs Title:best she ever hadI be hustlin\' every day
You know I love the money
Say they do it real big
They ain\'t done it like I done it


One, two, three , breathe
1 -
Tell me how you wanna floss
Universal, I\'m the boss
Trust me that Chamillionaire is not the one to come across
Flooded thoughtsT

I know ya Mad

Yes sir (yes sir)
Chamillionaire (Chamillitary mayne)
Bun B (Bun B)
It\'s goin down (it\'s goin down, I know ya mad)
Yes sirHypnotize
Minds production (I know

Denzel Washington

Money, power and fame like - Denzel Washington, yeah
(Hey!, hey!, hey!)
(Chamillitary mayne)
Don\'t try to knock the hustle cause ya just wastin ya time

Day Dream

I dream to have \"C.R.E.A.M.\"
They tell me \"Cash Rules Everything\"First I\'m a get a scheme, then I\'m get some green
\'Cause nothin comes to a dreamer but

Gucci & Fendi

Gucci this, Fendi that
Gucci this, Fendi that
Gucci this, Fendi that
Fendi this, Fendi that this, that
this, that
this, that
What you expect ho?
this, t

Playa Status

Songs Title:playa status
You know what it is No way, no way, aye
Chamillitary mayne Yeah, hold up No way, no way, aye
Hey, everytime I poke

This Morning

Every morning, I woke up
Thinkin \'bout money and guess what?
If that\'s what I wanted, then ya already know
I\'d hop off in my drop and get dough dough, let\'


You know it\'s crazy right?
I\'ve been out on the west coast
Kickin it, grindin
It\'s the same thing everywhere
I go though
Know what
I\'m talkin \'bout?