The Maker

I see You in the sunrise
I see You in the rain
I see You in the laughter
I feel You through the pain
Everything that You have made is beautiful
Oh, my God, I c

I'm In Love With You

This is crazy, unexpected, but it is amazing
It's the very thing that you pray for, been waiting for
Next thing I know you're standing at the door
Now it's open

He's Still Here

Two-thousand years ago He walked the earth just flesh and bone
He used to heal the sick
Make broken hearts turn beautiful
But today we don't beleive in miracle

Drop Your Stone

[ti:Drop your stone]
See the man with the bruises on his arm
He's had a hard life , can't seem to keep a job
He reaches out his arm,looking for another dollar


Throwing water balloons, catching fireflies
Crazy how the time goes by
I miss you, oh, I miss you
Every year on the 4th of July
Watching fireworks lighting up t

Find You To Find Me

[00:12]Just 25 'bout a quarter of a life time
[00:21]Still tryin' to figure out who I really am inside
[00:26]Oh yes I am
[00:29]Heard I should love every re

Just the Same

[al:]Who doesn't have a list of regrets
Sins that I wish that I could forget
I've repented for plenty that I would give anything to do over
But in


I'm on the road
Don't know where i'm goin'
Not afraid of what's coming to me
No dead end in sight.
The ain't no plan b, let it happen
Just embrace all the open


One is one, until someone comes and turns it into two, two and yeah two is so much better than going through life on my own, I'm ready for that someone, and bab

The Maker

[00:12]I see you in the sunrise
[00:17]I see you in the rain
[00:24]I see you in the laughter
[00:29]I feel you through the pain
[00:35]Everything that You hav

Come Now Our King

Bethlehem turns in tonight
A town lit up by candlelight
All the children tucked in tight
Bethlehem turns in tonight
The angels start their whispering
About the

Jesus, Savior (Radio Version)

Once upon a time,
In a town called Nazareth,
Lived an ordinary girl.
Mary was her name,
And she was engaged,
To Joseph the carpenter.
Suddenly an angel came,

I'll Be Home For Christmas

I'll be home for Christmas
I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree
Christmas eve will find you

Tell Me What You Want For Christmas

I'm so excited
to open the box
It's that time of year now
ready or not
I slip on a red coat
I glued on a beard
Have stuff in some pillows
And there's a l

The Discount Song

[00:02]This one right here goes out to all you people
[00:05]That have ever paid full price
[00:07]for something that is only worth three fourths of that real

Unashamed of You (Radio Version)

I'm really good at dancin’, dancin’ round the point
What's the point of dancing just so people like me
I've wasted chances to speak up and make some noise

Center of It

[ti:Center of It]
[ar:Chris August]
Somedays I ’m feelin ’like I
Can ’t win,can ’t get it right and it
Don ’t matter how hard I try
Today is

The Upside of Down

The downside of being up is my inside is empty of
The one thing my heart truly needs
When I feel invincible a million miles from miserable
It's always all about


This world is full of people
The weary and the poor
Waiting for the day
When they will hurt no more
Though this world is full of suffering
These promises are t

This Side of Heaven

Everyone’s got their own opinions
There’s nothing they don't know about
But in the end nobody's winning '
Cause nobody's got it figured out
Oh the things we


[ar:Chris August]
[al:The Upside of Down]
Restore - Chris August
Nobody's growing old together,
we've made it easy just to quit
Love has become a

Let There Be Light

I'm tired of secret keeping, livin’ in the dark
I'm ready to say the words
You were speaking back at the start
Come and flood the corners of my heart
I say le

I Believe

I don't need a rainbow to know who made the rain
Don't need the waters parted to know who made the way
And I don't need a healing to know who is the cure
Of th


Summer day, seven years old
And I took a ride on my bicycle
I can still feel my face against the windA backpack full of my favorite toys
Singing songs just to

Unashamed of You

I'm really good at dancin’, dancin’ round the point
What's the point of dancing just so people like me
I've wasted chances to speak up and make some noise