Forever Black America Again

作曲 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Robert Glasper/Radric Delantic Davis/Terrence Thornton/Bryan Sledge/James Brown/Charles Bobbitt
作词 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanue

Love Star

作曲 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Marsha Ambrosius/James Mtume/Willie Goodman/Harry Ray/Sylvia Robinson
作词 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Marsha Ambrosius

Red Wine

作曲 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Sydney Bennet/Samora Pinderhughes/Edgar Cosma/Vladimir Cosma
作词 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Sydney Bennet/Samora Pind


[ar:John Legend Common]
[al:] 作曲 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Tanisha Riggins
作词 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Tanisha Riggins
The wind agains

Little Chicago Boy

作曲 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Tasha Cobbs/Adam Feeney
作词 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Tasha Cobbs/Adam Feeney
How should I begin?
This is the story

Letter To The Free

作曲 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Robert Glasper
作词 : Lonnie Lynn/Emmanuel Riggins/Robert GlasperSouthern leaves southern trees we hung from
Barren souls

Glory (From the Motion Picture \"Selma\")

One day when the glory comes
It will be ours, it will be ours
One day when the war is won
We will be sure, we will be sure
Oh gloryHands to the Heavens, no man

The Neighborhood

[Intro: James Fauntleroy]
Thousand lives ago
We were young and we didn\'t know
We were trading our crowns for our souls
Made the sacrifice
Headed back to the l


[Intro - Big Sean:]
(Oh) Walk up in the thing, got my campaign poppin’
Champagne poppin’, bad thing poppin’
Headed to the door, and ain’t a damn thing knoc

Blak Majik

Blak Majik
[Verse 1 - Common:]
Who that boy he radical
Talk that money talk emphatical
Who in the game had the baddest hoes
Niggas seen Badu\'s

Speak My Piece

[Hook - The Notorious B.I.G. (x3):]
I just, speak my piece, keep my peace
Cubans with the Jesus piece, with my peeps
Packing, my piece, Jesus
Packing, my piece

Hustle Harder

[Snoh Aalegra:]
Black and blue outside, his soul carries a heart of gold
Misconception \'bout what love is, she passes on
The child she brings into the world d

Nobody\'s Smiling

I\'m from Chicago, nobody’s smiling
Niggaz wyling on Stoney Island
Where the chief and the president come from
Pop out, pop pills, pop guns
On the d


[Hook - Elijah Blake:]
You niggas ain\'t real
I think you need to stop pretending
These niggas ain\'t ill
We know the deal
Niggas ain\'t on
Here today and the


I do dirt, in search of a clear mind
Money talk, somebodies gonna hear mine
Grind early before 9: 30
Got the nine and the thirty
Kiss of death, you h

Rewind That

\"Rewind that one time, please\"
Should it be, can it be simple?
Life is like the tempo of a No I\' instrumental
Things that we been through define who we are

Out On Bond

Fresh out the county, shoes with no laces
Plastic bag carryin, no toothpastes
iPhone, belt by Gucci
Bands with loose change and some car keys
To the

7 Deadly Sins

Gluttony baby
Is I needs what I see
Gluttony baby
Is us, aside to seat two
It’s knocking
Man, they gon, they gon, man they gon knock this one

Young Hearts Run Free

[Intro - Common:]
State of the art, state of the drill
State of the mind, state of the city
I contemplated with wine
State of the art, state of the mind


作曲 : Lonnie Lynn/Ernest Wilson/Sean Anderson
作词 : Lonnie Lynn/Ernest Wilson/Sean Anderson
Oh Walk up in the thing
Got my campaign poppin\'
Champagne popp

Ghetto Dreams (feat. Nas)

Ghetto ghetto dreams
Ghetto niggas\' dreams
Ghetto ghetto dreams
Ghetto niggas\' dreams
Ghetto dreams
Ghetto niggas\' dreams
From the hoodI want a bitch that lo

Blue Sky

[Intro]Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us (x)
[Verse : Common]Aston Martin king, Luther with dreams
[Hook]Oh-oooh-oh, in the sky we\'ll find the light
[Verse : Commo


You know they be asking about Common where he atI\'m doing what I do hip hop that\'s what I doYeah
How can I say this fuck it I\'m the greatest
I am the A-l


So we made it to the same end the roadAnd we picked up lots of chicks and pots of goldHow i made it out with my soul
Ashtrays and cigarretes last days indigen

Lovin\' I Lost

I remember i remember i remember i remember
I remember i remember i remember
She sit there with her thickness
Never played a game but i heard about them sisters